Conduit Products

Reiku UL/CSA approved conduits are an ideal solution wherever cable management and protection is needed. Reiku conduits are available in a variety of material ideally engineered for use in electrical, automation, vehicle, mass-transit, wind/solar power, machine building and many other applications.

Reiku’s UL/CSA approved conduits combined with over 2,000 various connector and conduit components create a lightweight, flexible, and affordable complete cable management system.

UL/CSA Nylon 6 Conduit

Standard weight, heavy wall conduit. Uses: machines, apparatuses and vehicle construction.

Two-Part Closable Conduit

Reiku Two-Part closable conduit is an ideal solution for maintenance, retrofit, repair, as well as new cable-management/protection projects. The two-part closure also make it an excellent choice for applications having large end-plugs or non-removable connector ends.

The Reiku Two-Part closable conduit allows for an extremely fast and easy installation and is available in Nylon 6 (PARTB) or Polypropylene (PPRTB).

Polypropylene, Nylon 6/Nylon 12 for Mass-Transportation/Railway Conduit Applications

Train, medium quality conduit. Uses: railway, mass transportation, static.

Nylon 12 Conduit with Electrical Conductible Properties

Reiku LPRRB is a halogen-free Nylon 12 conduit with Electrical Conductible properties. This product effectively safeguards against static discharge. In addition, the Reiku LPRRB conduit resists heat and provides protection against dust accumulation and electrical charge buildup.