REIKU offers a multitude of spring retraction components in order to control the location of the conduit. In high dynamic Robotics applications it is imperative that the conduit be long enough to service all of the Robots’ moves, having a REIKU spring retraction system will keep the service loop of conduit in a safe area behind the Robot when not required.

All of the REIKU Spring Holders act like a “halo” allowing the conduit to pass through them as the conduit moves back and forth to service the movements of the Robot. At the rear of the Spring Holders there is a groove where the spring is attached and then a PAPRB style of REIKU Protector is attached to the conduit behind the spring. When the Robot extends to positions that require more conduit, it pulls the conduit from a “safe area” behind the Robot. When the conduit is pulled the Protector which is locked onto the corrugations of the conduit engages on the rear of the spring creating a load and once the Robot returns to a position where this additional length of conduit is not required the conduit returns back to the rear of the Robot.

PAFHB / POFHB Style Spring Holder

This our most widely used version of a spring holder which is held in place on with a Gripping Clamp. This style of spring holder “guides” the conduit through the spring holder on a level trajectory moving the conduit back and forth laterally on a fixed horizontal plane.

PAFTB Style Spring Holder

This version of spring holder is held in place by a Rotary Fork which has mounting holes located on each side as indicated by the red arrows in the picture above. The PAFTB spring holder has round locking pins that seat inside the Rotary Fork and this version of spring holder is now able to pivot on these pins and move up and down in a see-saw type of motion.

PAFKB Globe Spring Holder

This “Globe” style of is also held in position by a Gripping Clamp but this Globe style have spring holder has a rounded profile so that it is able to move +/- 12° inside the clamp allowing the conduit to pass through the halo at various different angles.


Springs provided guided yet flexibility mobility control for retraction components.