Cable Saver™ Kit

Modular Robotic Cable Management Solution

Our Cable Saver™ Solution eliminates : Downtime loss of revenue,  expensive cable and hose replacement costs, maintenance labour costs. Available in three sizes 36, 52 and 70 mm.

All of the Robot's cables and hoses are protected when routed through the Cable Saver™ 15 million + cycle corrugated tubing.

Robot movements require that there be surplus cables and hoses in order to service these dynamics. The Cable Saver™ uses a spring retraction system housed inside the Energy Tube™ to keep this service loop out of harms way in safe location at the rear of the Robot when not required.

  • COMPLETE solution for any make or model of Robot
  • Use our online system size calculator and check out the
  • Installs quickly on either side of the Robot
  • Our tubing has been tested to resist over 15 million repetitive cycles


Each Cable Saver™ Kit comes complete with

  • 5 meters/16 feet of REIKU Nylon 12 conduit
  • Axis 3 REIKU Gripping Clamp Assembly
  • Patented Energy/Spring Tube complete
  • Axis 6 REIKU Gripping Clamp Assembly