A custom prepared grommet known as a Cablestar is a CRUCIAL component that must be installed at both Cable Saver™ termination points. Precision holes are water-jetted into the soft rubber compound so that each cable and hose is independently held fast against lateral movement.


CABLESTARS are soft rubber “grommets” that are used at the termination areas of the conduit runs. These Cablestars are custom prepared for the customer’s application. Each hole I.D. is precision water-jet bored to be MINUS 0.50 mm from the O.D of each individual cable and hose . This ensures that the cables and hoses are secured from moving laterally and reduces the strain from connection points. The Cablestars also seal the conduit to prevent foreign materials from entering inside the tubes.

Cablestars also keep dirt, water etc. from depositing in the conduit.